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Twin Hills Pre-school has a proud history serving the Manningham community. Established 1967, it has provided excellent early childhood education to local families for over 50 years.

Committee of Management
The kindergarten is parent-managed by a voluntary Committee of Management, employing well qualified and experienced staff. This enables parents to have direct input into the kinder community and education experience.

The role of Committee Member is rewarding and is carried out with professionalism and commitment. The members meet once a month, to discuss and vote on matters concerning the running of the pre-school.

Participation by parents assist in keeping kindergarten fees and overheads low, whilst offering a high level of service.

Twin Hills Preschool, Lower Templestowe - 50 Years - Est 1967

Established 1967

We have provided excellent
early childhood education to
families for over 50 years.



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Twin Hills Pre-school
A sessional kindergarten
located in Lower Templestowe



39 Mayfair Avenue, Lower Templestowe VIC 3107
T: (03) 9850 8157